Yeah Danny, I like the experimental approach to your music, the mixtures and time travel is all good.
I also like that first track "Sleight of Hand", it takes me back.
Keep funkin' 4 sho!
Bootsy was here jus 4 tha funk of it!!! 
Bootsy Collins- (Bass player for...James Brown / Parliament-Funkadelic / George Clinton / Bernie Worrell  / Bootsy's Rubber Band / Rock N Roll Hall of Famer)
You cats have it down to a science-the science of tone, that is. Love the sound, man....!
All the Bass, Will Lee (Paul Shaffer and the CBS orchestra - Late Show w/ David Letterman / The Fab Faux)

Hi 'DB' (Danny Boy),
Lookin' and soundin' good mate.
 I hope all goes well for you.
Rock on!
All the best,
BD (Bob Daisley - Bassist for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow/Blizzard of Oz/ Ozzy/Uriah Heep..etc)

TC Tolliver- ( Drummer for The Plasmatics / Wendy O Williams / T. M. Stevens / Joe Lynn Turner...everything from Funk to Metal to Reggae and alot in between.)
It was good seeing you yesterday Danny. Joe and I listened to your new CD on the way back to News 12. Very nice guys are the real deal ! 
                                  Tony Caputo
       (News12 NJ Anchor/ Reporter)          

Jerry is pretty amazing behind the board!!! The sounds are incredible... and Will Lee is right dude, INSANE bass sounds!!! Diggin "The Shallow End
John Bottone
Danny's debut CD "RIDE THAT RIFF" Has body and soul and really grooves !!!  it's a far cry from what he has done in the past....keeper going danny... I love what you do......                        David Oldfield  (Singer of TMA)
 I heard your previews on the site for volume 1 - really like the blues feel - each selection was different yet your "signature" style was evident in all of them. I loved the variety of instruments used. "Acclamation" was my favorite. I thought the bass lines were terrific! I can't begin to tell you how proud of you I am! Any music teacher would be thrilled to hear such a refined product from a former student. 35 years in the business? Quite an accomplishment!

"ROGUE" - has a nice 'dirty' sound to it. I found myself sitting at the table just nodding my head to the beat, enjoying it.

"SLEIGHT" - Both this track and "FROZEN  FRAME"reminded me of some Chicago tracks - "I'm A Man" in particular, because of the percussion choices. Really enjoyed the farfisa sound of the organ in FROZEN, and I liked the repeated motif - it really made the title seem appropriate.

"RIDE THAT RIFF" - nice variation on the boogie woogie bass line and the I, IV, V , I progression.

"WHEN YOU WERE" - kudos to the piano player!

Nice strings in "NOTE TO SELF" - I think I told you this may be my favorite. Nice contrast to other tracks. Like the dissonant ostinato bass line in the beginning. I think the contrasting section is a good idea.

"WITHIN EARSHOT" - reminded me of Grand Funk Railroad - boy am I dating myself

"BASH" - liked the middle section best - I think you could have had a nice melody line above what you already laid down - maybe a flute or even lyrics and a female vocal. Enjoyed the chord progression. The beginning made and ending made me think of Batman. Funny how the mind goes.....

"TAINTED VEIL" - reminiscent of Boston or Kansas. Nice track.                                                                                                       Jo Ann Wojcik

The "Ride That RiffDanthology is a completely unique musical listening experience. The instruments used on this compilation are an insane mix of strings and horns and anything else you could throw in... something I have never heard and will probably never hear again from another artist. One thing that stood out for me was the crisp and tight playing of Danny and the various musicians he uses on his CD's. I've known Danny for 31 years, and this eclectic style of music is a mirror reflection of his personality...witty, intelligent and totally off-center! I recommend the Ride That Riff Trilogy for anyone who wants a new experience and is tired of the mainstream. How ya doin' Danny? - Tom Benson
I LOVE "TELL IT WALKING"!  I've listened to most of the Vol. 2 CD, and it's so different from anything else out there.  I think you show a lot of guts just doing anything you want musically.                                      Gypsy   

kMr. Ladd,
             I am so very impressed with your music. It has such a do not mess with me additude that packs a heavy punch. As I listen to it I can feel it, every note is strong. This music has a soul that is untouchable. I used to think I was so crafty in my riff writing but hearing your stuff I realize I have much to learn. You are the hardest working, dedicated, most motivated musician I have ever known. You are truly the greatest bass player there is. You have taken me places in my career that no one else has. You put me on stage in legendary venues.  I could have never asked for more.  I will always be grateful. Your success is much deserved.
Much respect, Alfred J. Dill         

Danny, I  really enjoyed hearing your incredible body of work, "Ride That Riff".  The great thing about it, besides consistency of style, is that great  bass sound you get. I wish I had that sound!!
You've  been working your ass off to create this much music (when do you  sleep?) and congratulations for coming up with such a wealth of great  music.
Keep up the great stuff,
 Will  ( Will Lee - Late Show with David Letterman Bassist / Paul Shaffer and the CBS orchestra) Click here to add text.
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 Track Credits

Where to begin? Danny and I go way back to the mean streets of Morgan New Jersey where we would spend long summer days throwing rocks at each other. Danny and his family moved away and we lost touch for a while. Then in the mid 80’s by fate destiny or the Aquarian Weekly we wound up in the same band. He played bass and I was the drummer. We played three or four chords with a TON of attitude. Danny had a Camaro back then. It was a nice Camaro. Except, he tore the passenger seat out of the friggin car to accommodate his amp!!! If he gave you a ride you were in the back seat lookin at the back of his head. He was an incredibly dedicated musician from the get go. His determination transcended our humble beginnings, our three chords and attitude, our humble beginnings and the limits of that Camaro. He’s hammered it, he’s forged and tempered it into a completely original sound. "Ride that Riff" is complex, it’s subtle, it’s brash and perfect it’s the sophisticated product of a true universal love of music. It doesn’t get any more original than Danny Ladd......for real.    -Robb Geores (ex Churchpills, Holy Rollers - both bands formed w/ Danny)
To have your comments added to this page please submit them to
Thank you!
My work with Danny Ladd during the past several years has surely been "all about the process." During our countless sessions the process is always a little different and a little more interesting every time. Whether I am cutting drums over a bass scratch track or working with Danny on entirely reworking an old tune into something completely new, it is always quite the experience walking into JMM Studios for a Danny Ladd session. As a drummer, Danny has called on me to play the most eclectic and unpredictable styles of music, sometimes crossing genres within one epic track. Being given the opportnity to be part of this unique process has been a great pleasure and an invaluable experience in my young career.
-Dave Cifelli

Hi Danny,
I was listening to “Ride That Riff" Volume 1”, and “Rogue" – ("The Danny Ladd Theme”), really stands out.

The bass and guitar have that fat “tubey” sound that only analog can produce. Kapusta’s clean, crisp  piano fills complement the rhythm tracks, and the sax is just plain sexy!

Well done! I wish someone would write me a theme song (I have a feeling I’ll have to do it myself). 

                                      Great job!
I knew in 1985 that Danny was always destined to go beyond the local rock scene. Even as close as I was to him, It captivates me to hear his compositions on "Ride That Riff". What goes on in his head is a kind of Dr. Frankenstein mentality as he combines sound structures and instrumentation that shouldn't work so smoothly, but yet...They do!!  and his music easily stands out of anything that has been released in the last 25 years.

Danny is a true musical phenom married to his music, believe me I've tried and begged to be "THE" one, but I clearly lost out to "Ride That Riff".

 Buy, listen, and learn about open-minded music and welcome this rare true talent into your ears and heart.
~Annmarie Chiarini (CCBC)
What can be said about a modern day musical genius? Danny's ability to compose compositions that encompasses a wide range of genres that show he is beyond talented! His bass playing is by far the best I've heard.  I admire his ability to schedule these class A musicians together to create tunes that range from Rock, to Swing, to Jazz to gritty Funk are a recipe for a complete meal of musical taste that leaves you hungry for more!

I highly recommend "Ride That Riff" to anyone who is tired of mainstream "music" and is in much need of something impressive and unpredictable. It's a musical roller coaster....take my advice and RIDE THAT RIFF!

Thanks for being so hospitable to me when I came to visit you for 2 weeks....and not to mention the "unmentionables"
Love ya,
Lee Engele (President of the Twin Cities Jazz Society)
I have much to say about Danny Ladd, but I'll try to keep it short. It's always a unique experience playing trumpet for Danny in the studio.  Danny is a true "Visionary", and "Creator" of some of the most intricate, "Ear Candy".  He is "THE CREATOR", but he doesn't hold you back if you have something good to contribute.  All of the musicians he has on his projects are creators as well, and it's nice that he gives us that kind of unconfined space to work within.  Danny is a true professional when working with him.  The man has been through alot in life; but he doesn't let it hold him back on his love for creating and producing.  Here is to Danny Ladd, the Lord of "Laddistic Rogue", a style that's sure to infect you faster than "The Black Plague", but in a good way!  Moreover, the sound wouldn't be brought to it's true fruition without Jerry Manno, "The Sorcerer of Sound", "The Alchemist of Audio", "the Man behind the glass", in all his analog glory!  Who am I ? Just a "Legend In My Own Mind".  I am graced with a small bit of trumpet playing talent, of which the credit all goes to the Glory of God.  Thanks for the experience Danny! And what an experience it was!
Grind it to the bone my Brutha,
Bob Hornyak

You ride a dark highway four in the morning zoned to the far out station. The riff builds with the pulse of a motor, paving the road ahead of you, unparalleled to the others. Grooves like a monster track weave onto that odd metered back road, home of the village bop stop.  You followed the map, and the horns got funky on the bridge.  Get into the zone and lay down the keys. You're movin' a bit slicker now.  Like some sort of bass floorboard half-step. 
-Tom Tallitsch
Rode Those Riffs
"I met Danny roughly a year ago through a Facebook reunion that sparked our relationship and we've been hitting it in the studio every since!  Danny brings his eclectic style of music "Laddistic Rogue" to bat EVERY TIME I walk into J.M.M. Studios (with 16 glorious tracks of analog!).  I love the fact that Danny is completely about "the Process".  He is a wonderfully talented and creative musician who knows what he wants, when he wants it and how he's gonna get it... yet, no ego!  When you work on a Danny Ladd session, you are given, for the most part, artistic freedom to interpret the song to how you see fit!   Each session is a completely comfortable situation that's suited to bring out the very best possible performance... which shows on every single track!
The one thing that I always see recurring, is how much people love the "Ride That Riff" series and I must say that I agree with them!  However, the one thing that I haven't mentioned yet, which must be noted, is that Danny is a MONSTER bass player!  Everything just seems to come naturally to Mr. Ladd and he and his team are truly a pleasure to work with and be around... looking forward to next session and another 25 years of Laddistic Rogue!"
                                                                                                                                         John Bottone

"What can I say that hasn't already been said?  I love Jerry!  Jerry is a madman behind the knobs... this dude has some serious engineering skills!  He just knows how to work and tweak everything possible to get that wonderfully warm analog sound, which unfortunately, you don't hear too often these days.  Having worked on other sessions before with different engineers/producers, working with Jerry is quite possibly one of the easiest sessions a musician could have... you don't have to do a damn thing and that guy will make you sound like some kinda God or something!  Trust me, once you work at J.M.M studios, you'll understand why Jerry's been in business for as long as he has been.  Ohhh, and one more thing... this cat can play a mean guitar as well!"

                                                                                                          ... you guys ROCK!
                                                                                                                 John Bottone
Great fun riffs!  Experimental but not pretentious.  I love the balance of the mixes too.  Just plain good. I had no doubt that you were a good musician when we played, but you've definitely matured into the real deal.                                                                         
 Don McKim   

Playing Danny Ladd's music is like embarking on a riveting adventure where you begin lost in the middle of the wilderness with no provisions except for the clothes on your back and a poorly drawn map.  As you begin to bush-wack your way through the seemingly impenetrable flora of harmony, you begin to extract yourself from the binds of civilization and, finally, become one with the natural world.  To understand the compositions of Danny Ladd is to achieve a climax so profoundly invigorating that it defies comparison with any other human experience that has ever been visited upon the planet Earth.
 Ben Katzen (cellist)
Hi Danny - Love the tunes! -  Kinda metal meets crime jazz!!!! I hope your music takes you to levels that you deserve. 
Cheers, John
(John Gallagher - Bassist / Vocalist of Raven)
 Your music feels so nice and well produced. You really got something special happening here. I suggest that all visit your site, the quality of the sound is very professional and demands attention. Good luck, and the Network will surely profile you in the very near future.
Jasmine Baker "PEACE"
The Musicians Network -  UK
Hello Mr. Ladd,
Thank you for the personal audio screening of your Volumes 4 and 5 cd compositions prior to their release.  I'm proud to be the "YOU" in "When You Were You".Thanks for mentioning that in the Music Exchange magazine interview.  It's funny how that chick Annmarie Chiarini thinks it was about her, you're right she's pathetic and disturbed.   I know that when you and I worked together you worked very dilligently writing tunes, rehearsing, recording, and playing at every gig, But I see that you went WWAAAAAAYYYYYYY beyond your potential!   My ears have never been happier (with the exception of that Boston Weekend!) Rock me, Jazz me up, and make me Swing!!  All my money is on you Danny!
 All my love,
DANNY LADD'S "RIDE THAT RIFF"-'NUFF SAID! Music so sweet it give me a toothache and tunes so funky I need a shower! -Gerhardt (MJR Productions/records - Belgium)
Nice Work Danny Ladd!!!  So much material to work with, and the instrumentation is staggering to say the least! The emotions you felt while composing and recording these tracks really cut very proud of your work, it's superb,
 Roman Jugg - (Musician / composer / arranger for The Damned, The Phantom Chords)

 TC  (TC Tolliver) - (Drummer for The Plasmatics / Wendy O Williams, and loads more packed with different styles.)
I  went to school with Dan, back in the days when he was a photographer  and shot a photo session with my High School band "New Breed", and we  would go to Rush concerts and he would shoot practically the entire show  and when you looked back at the photos, it was better than being at the  actual concert, with all the various angles and movements you couldn't  catch in real time...brilliant! Eventually Dan was drawn to the Electric  Bass guitar and that has been the embodiment of his soul existence ever  since, giving him the power to endure any obstacle that may come his  way...his survival weapon, so to speak.    He asked me to show him some tunes,  riff exercises and progressions and  quickly he developed a natural feel and distinct pick attack  approach/style that would become his signature sound and everytime you  heard him play you would know it was Dan right off. Dan also indulges  off time meters and time signatures that I am a hardcore fan of and also  dabble a bit in, but I digress.    Dan has cleverly merged Big Band, Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Swing, etc. into a  goody bag assortment of delicious ear treats that will entertain, amuse  and educate all who listen and just plain make you feel fine and dandy  and a bit of the old erotic, if I may be so bold ;)    Rock On, Danny!    Your loooooong time friend,    Frankie Boy Dill
You mentioned you were slowing down, doesn't look like it. Getting the musicians, rehearsing the material, working out schedules, mixing, mastering, pressing and you're already mixing down Volume 5, and all in all you've been doing it for almost 30 years nonstop now, I think you're moving quite quickly indeed! I've always admired your discipline and hard work and accomplishing all of your projects the way you want...I could never do that. All the music sounds phenomenal and your Bass performances are smoking and drive the melodies with great finesse! The musicians are top notch (of course) and Jerry's guitar performances are perfect!
To great days ShDan!                                   
Frankie Boy Dill (Did I mention Taija Rae??!)

Danny Ladd's "Ride That Riff, Volume 1" love this CD!!  I have played it today while doing my chores and found myself motivated to keep going.  There is so much energy throughout all the songs and I love the sax and keyboard emphasis.  The bass defines the songs and there is something for everyone in this music! I felt like I was in the middle of a Broadway show or sitting in a jazz lounge or listening to the classic sounds of rock and roll.  The creativity, mixing and imagination takes you away, you can make what you want out of it.  I am not much of a music person but didn't need to be to enjoy this. Nice job Danny, you impressed a 55 year old rock and roll chick!

Connie Schuett  
Hey Danny - I received your CD and BTW..... -Nice music!.  I enjoyed listening. Thank you so much. Michele Powers (News12 NJ)
Hey Dan! I'm not Bass or saxed out yet.
This stuff rocks!  WOW! you got talent! Your South Amboy Bro, Bill Natusch
Hey Dan, 
Remember Hershey Park and my box of chocolate I'll always treasure our time in the studio recording "Goodbye, Goodbye". There will be no goodbyes and I will be your friend forever. 
Love you,
Thanks so much for dropping off the "Ride That Riff" Danthology CD. The songs are ripping and your playing right on. Make sure to drop in from time to time at
Guitar Boutique.
 Steve (Owner of Guitar Boutique).
There's lots of variety and many moods on your volume 1 CD , it certainly keeps the listener engaged. Dave Homan, the sax player you used on this one adds lots of spice into the mix.
P.S." If Memory Serves" is one of my fave's on this collection! 
Frank Mozino (Goots)

Hey Dan, It was a pleasure working with you in the studio this week. It was great working with a creative mind such as yours, I always have fun being challenged. Your music has echoes of Frank Zappa written all over it. What a blast! Looking forward to working with you again.
Jerry Mokar
Hi Danny, I was just talking to some folks today about how much fun working in a studio can be when you are given the freedom to engage in creative play.  Working with you on your project was exactly that! - thank you. 
Keep up the great work!

Have you contacted the Guinness Book people about the longest recording project EVER? 
-Dave Homan (Uncle Ho)
Hey there you!!.
 Awesome website!..Handsome dude!!.. I totally loved the bass in "Tainted Veil"...  You rock!!!!!! 
Casandra Clark-Smith 
"Ride That Riff" is a ride that you hope never ends. No height requirements, no waiting on long lines, no baggage check, no screaming kids kicking the back of your seat, no potholes, no traffic or tolls.

Danny's bass performances on tracks such as "Frozen Frame" and "Strewn About", are a refreshing musical slap in the face grabbing your attention from start to finish. Listening to Danny Ladd's compositions and bass playing forces me to make a decision to push my limits of endurance and discipline as a musician. Danny is by far the best influence of recent times.
Doug Mitchell

"Danny, straight away mate...WOW! Your playing and composing is simply the most original I've heard in quite a stretch of time. It needs to be heard to shake up new ears! I will be in touch with you regarding an interview, and talk about getting UK distribution for your CD's.

 Danny Ladd is undeniably "The Lord of the Riff"!!

Cheers, Jason Radcliff.
 (Bass Player magazine-UK)
Hello Mr. Ladd!
I purchased and received your volumes 1 and 3 CD's of "Ride That Riff." I can't compare it to anything directly, because you cover so much musical ground. I could not stop playing each CD, one after another. You are my superhero of music...."REAL MUSIC"!!

Your music sends me on an emotional thrill ride. To name some of the songs that are in my head are "FROZEN FRAME", "SLEIGHT OF HAND", "VIBE", STREWN ABOUT", SWOON", "TAINTED VEIL" is a masterpiece and of course the title track "RIDE THAT RIFF". You have to be a reincarnated Big Band/Swing/Jazz player, with a cross over of FUNK.

Your low bass tones give me that "Vibe" if you know what I mean.  I'll "Ride That Riff" with you anytime! I can't wait to get your volumes 4 and 5 CD's, when they are released in the Fall. 

Keep them all looking like they're standin' still Danny Boy!
Love, Jennifer short - Benson 
 Thank you so much for the CD and fun stuff-- You are a cool lookin' guy... with so much talent! I listened to "Ride That Riff" Volume 1 straight through in one sitting. Every song is a different brilliant jazzed-up rock piece, featuring different lead instruments played with great personality and masterful authority by their musicians. The highlighted instruments are accompanied by an orchestration which accentuates them perfectly -- never try-hard, yet bold enough to get the unique message across in brilliant composition. It all blends to provide the exquisite, unique mood of each piece.

  I often get bored when listening even to the greatest musicians' albums because many times all the music starts sounding the same. The variety here makes this album like a box of fine chocolates, you never know what you're going to get -- except that it'll be a sweet treat!  I found myself wanting more at the end of each song until, alas, I arrived at Track 12, "Tainted Veil."  Three minutes longer, so the full, haunting effect seeped all the way into my soul.  After I wiped my tears, I went back to listen over and over again. Danny Ladd's "Ride That Riff" is a timeless masterpiece.

Cynthia Callendar Gordon Esq.
Sleep Master®

To say that Danny's music is "outside the box" is an understatement.  Danny doesn't know what the "box" is.  In today's world of changing music, we need something
that moves forward - something that no one has heard before, and this definitely fits the bill.  I should know, because I've been lucky enough to have played guitar for him for nearly 20 years now, and his music has always put me in a different place - a place I love to go.
Thanks Danny -
Hi Danny,
I received the CD's you sent and have listened to all tracks on both. I was drawn in immediately to the emotional feeling of your playing, and the surrounding (and sometimes) unpredictable instrumentation/arrangements.  I thought they were all good ideas and as you mentioned some sound like possible sound tracks and others could be rewritten with vocals in mind. 
All in all I think there is plenty to work with and some good playing and song ideas. I like the interplay between the bass and sax parts.  I hope it all goes well for you and I again wish you all the best,
Cheers mate!
Bob Daisley-

 ( Bassist / Lyricist for Widow Maker, Chicken Shack, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, The Blizzard of Ozz, Ozzy Osbourne, Uriah Heep, Living Loud,   The Hoochie Coochie Men (featuring Jon Lord and Ian Gillan of Deep Purple), Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Carmine Appice, Mother's Army.....etc)

Hi Danny,
Thank you for the beautiful gift of your music. The package arrived here in Sweden fairly fast for parcels around this time of year. I played both your CD's when I got home from work. I was amazed and really enjoyed both CD's. You covered a lot of ground and emotions on these songs!!

Keep up the tremendous work, and whenever I play them I will think of you, and your kindness and generosity.
Thank you so much!
Hi Danny, Jerry, and the rest of the outrageous musicians I can't stop listening to since I experienced "Ride That Riff".

 If your wondering where "Music" has gone? Look no more..It's HERE!! , It's LIVE!!, IT IS Danny Ladd!!... The energy, the emotion, and the sound is exhilarating and off the charts!!!! Truly "The Best New Genre" you need to Experience!

I haven't met Danny yet, but through his music I feel I already have!
 Keep it coming!
Jo Ann Morgillo
 A truly original sound, full of color and energy. "Ride that Riff" really brings it!!!!!....
  Mark Kelly, Clinton NJ
Danny and his music are one of a kind. It's been great working with him and I can't wait to see/hear what the future has in store. If you haven't heard "Ride That Riff" you should do yourself a favor and pick up a copy!

~Matt Graff
I had a chance over the last couple days to dig into your CD. Very cool stuff! The engineering and tones are fantastic. Gotta love that sax! :) The bass tone is phenomenal as well.

Ryan Schmidt ~ Sweetwater
So, I was just looking at your pics. You look pretty banged up with the neck brace and all ....WHAT HAPPENED???

I listened to some of your new stuff here at work and it sounds great! 

I tell ya, listening to our version of "The Witch", most of these present day so-called garage rock jokers should take a lesson from the Ladd / Demko / Kubian triumvirate!!!  We rocked!

Ray Kubian
(Drummer / vocals of Mars Needs Woman and True Love)
The unique sounds were ones that I was unfamiliar with and after listening to all of the tracks I grew quite fond of the melodic mayhem. Super talented. His drive and passion really shows through his music.
keep making art man and take care!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful CD last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed all the tracks. It was like listening to an awoken Robin Trower with a swinging soul.
Bob Wizeman
 Hey Danny!
 Great tunes! Some very talented musicians you got  there mate! 
 I'm loving your tunes on Youtube. Great variety!  Looking  forward to listening to more of your  substantial body of work.
 Cheers and looking forward to the next volumes of the  Danthology!
 David Hopkins (Australia)
Thank you so much for the CD! I have it in my car. Love it! My husband enjoys it too!

I hope your recovery is going well and you are riding the riff soon again!
Linda Manzo
Hi Danny, I'm digging your CD. It is an interesting fusion of different styles.
All the Best,
Paul Harris
Hey, this was a lotta fun! The music was pretty much 
happenin' by the time I got there but was given a 
mighty tricky task.....somehow make a spot for yourself!

Well, I had to write it out. After all the details were in
order I just had to lay it down and have a ball.

Thanks for the most excellent time man, always a pleasure. Your music is way challenging, I have to pay attention...I  LOVE IT! Thanks for havin' me along,
and see you again soon!
Gary Oleyar
(studio / touring musician for Trisha Yearwood / Kenny Loggins / Jim Messina/ Bob Seger/ and many more)
A nice young man...Great bass player!
-Richard Rybinski
( Lead guitarist for Danny in The Holy Rollers / The Keepers and Danny Ladd and his Outpatients)
I'm listening to your CDs' right now. I def like your style, fun stuff!
-Patrick Sheridan (A Sound Education)

Hi Danny!
I listened to that song link on your website. Very cool. I like that your bass line is kind of a 1,4,5, 'Honky Tonk' chord progression...and seems to go to a flatten 6th... Cool man! 
Thanks for sharin' your site. 
Hey Danny,

I spoke with Jerry and he said you like to lay down the bass and drum tracks and then bring in sax, horns and or melody lines before other instruments, which I think is really cool by the way! It’s more of a challenge and reversed from the norm, out of the box thinking!
 No one can follow you (your bass lines) you're like an ace pilot!

Richie "Taz" Taskowitz